The Otherworldly Scene of Krafla Lava Fields

Krafla Wilderness lava Walk

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Krafla Lava Fields - The Rift between the Eurasian and American Continents - Vítit Explosion Crater - Lake Mývatn volcanic areas

The Krafla Wilderness Walk tour

This is a small group hiking tour exploring the Krafla lava fields, created by the massive volcanic eruptions between 1975 and 1984. The Lake Mývatn area, both nature, and the society, are heavily influenced by the eruptions. The newly created lava fields give a unique opportunity to see first hand how geological activities sculpt the landscape. Our expert local guide will also give you a rare insight on how the eruptions influenced the people living in the area, being only a few kilometers from their backyards.

The hike is slow through a rough terrain and we take our time enjoying the raw nature and panoramic scenery.



  • This tour includes much slow walk through rugged terrain
  • There is no Café or Restaurant on our way in this tour, we, therefore, recommend a pre-packed lunch
  • Due to weather and/or road conditions we might have to alter the itinerary, have longer journey time or cancel the tour
  • Reservation is necessary

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