2-Day Askja & Kverkfjoll

A 2-day complete Icelandic wilderness adventure

- Askja Caldera – Víti explosion Crater – Holuhraun lava field – Drekagil Gully – Highland oasis – Glacier Walk – Overnight in the heart of Iceland – Vatnajökull Glacier – Travel out of the beaten track 

Tour Info:

The Askja and Kverkfjöll, Vatnajökull glacier tour starts from lake Mývatn in the north of Iceland, every Saturday from 26 June to 14 Aug.

From lake Mývatn we drive to the highlands to the newest volcanic eruption in Iceland, Holuhraun.


On the 29th of August 2014 a volcanic eruption started just southeast of Askja. It is the largest eruption in Iceland since 1783 producing a lava field 85 km2 and 1.4 km3. The eruption ended on February 27th 2015.

After visiting Holuhraun we go to Askja caldera.

At Askja we have more time than in our day tours there, so our guests can hike a longer and more interesting  hiking trail over the mountains to Askja lake and Víti crater. It is an 8.8km long hiking trail and rather difficult. However, it is great to see the Askja caldera from the mountain rim. It is also possible to hike the easy 2.4km long A1 trail from Vikraborgir parking to Askja lake and Víti crater.

After visiting Askja we drive to Kverkfjöll by Vatnajökull Glacier, where we have a good night’s sleep in a mountain hut which is well equipped with cooking facilities.

Kverkfjöll is a great place to see the forces of glaciers and volcanoes and how they affect each other.

On day two you choose between going on a 3-4 hour glacier hike (organized by glacial guides in Kverkfjöll, not included in the price) or walk around the Kverkfjöll area with your Geo Travel guide.

In the afternoon we drive back to lake Mývatn.



ATTENTION: The weather in the highlands can change very fast and it is important to have good shoes and warm and preferably waterproof clothes.

Due to road or weather conditions, the tour might take longer than planned or in some cases force us to cancel the trip. If there is heavy snow, the walk from the car to the crater Víti will take longer and be more difficult.

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